Lenco st1200 on the street

i am running a dr4 in the POS with right around 730 H/P. I am also building another stick car, with what was meant to be 1000 H/P na. I was told a Jerico would brake quickly behind the 1000 H/P engine. and it was sugested to look into a Lenco or Liberty.

ST1200 Street Strip Pro Street and street/strip applications up to 1200 HP and 900 lb ft of torque 8620 steel instead of 9310 material for the ST1200 gears. premium grade bearings instead of the much more expensive aerospace-spec bearings as used in all other transmissions.
The LENCO ST1200 transmission has been specifically designed and engineered for severe duty street/strip applications. The ST1200 gives you the advantage of LENCO brute strength at a lesser price than our full race units. The ST1200 is pure LENCO through and through and is ideally suited for nitrous, blown, injected and carbureted engines ... May 01, 2013 ยท Lenco ST1200 5-speed air-shifted transmission, Direct Clutch twin plate cltuch, full-floated rear end, Race Products fabricated 9-inch case, Race Products chromoly axle 35-spline shafts, Strange diff centre, 5.1:4 ratio Suspension/Brakes:

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LENCO Racing Transmissions has been a mainstay in the high-performance and drag racing industry for over 40 years. Founded in 1970 by Leonard Abbott, LENCO was built out of necessity to produce superior brute strength drivetrain components to support the higher horsepower drag racing applications of the past, present and future.

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Lenco st1200 on the street

i would run the regular lenco with a breather not the st1200. you're maxing out the trans with a 1200. the reg.lenco can handle much more and can still be driven. seen it done. ask dave about where the breather would go and then start looking on racingjunk or in the digger.

This kit bolts Lenco transmissions to our slide mount kit (sold separately). The kit includes qty-2 18" long 1" .049 4130 tubes, qty-4 4130 mount brackets, and all hardware.Will fit Lenco CS1, CS2, and CS3 transmissions. Welding required.
Lenco CS1 4 Speed, Blanket, 2 Gear Extra Sets package SKU: $5,000.00. $4,500.00. $4,500.00. On Sale Unavailable per item For sale is a real nice looking and perfect ... Brand new Lenco ST1200 4 speed transmission complete with billet shifters and 1 3/8" 10 spline shaft. Built with the upgraded angular bearings they use in their full blown race trannys and the racing green clutch pack upgrade too. Good to 1200 HP and 900 pounds torque.Dont jerk me, it $5000 firm and you get it when you pay for it.

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Hey! I good friend of mine is keen on buying a Liberty V-gate shifter with the electric/air solenoid set up. The application is a doored car with a 4 speed and pedal clutch.The only reason he wants to change to this style is the actual "driver" of the car isn't keen on reaching out too far for the shift buttons!This is a brand new car with a real nice 315ci small block with all the fruit!

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